Lab Services and Immunizations

If you are having a medical emergency,
please call 9-1-1.

Lab Services and Immunizations at your Laborers Health & Wellness Clinics.

Following are the Lab Services and Immunizations offered at your Laborers Health & Wellness Clinics. With the exception of test results follow-up, these conditions require an in-person visit only. Most appointments are for 20 minutes. If you have multiple issues or concerns and would like a longer appointment, please mention this fact to the scheduler so you can be scheduled for a 40-minute exam.

The following care is not available at your Laborers Health & Wellness Clinics:
  • Complicated or potentially serious health conditions that need to be managed by your primary care provider.
  • If you are having serious symptoms of something new, you may need to visit an urgent care or an emergency room. Our clinics do not have ambulances nor in-patient rooms (though if an emergency happens in the clinic, we will ensure that an ambulance is quickly called).
  • Well-child exams for children under the age of 11 years of age cannot be done at the clinics, but children 18 months and older with other concerns can be seen.

If you have any questions about what conditions you can be seen for at your Laborers Health & Wellness Clinic, please call the appointment center at 952-687-8100.