Clinic Care & Services

Your Laborers Health & Wellness Clinics offer you many of the services you currently get at your regular clinic.

For many of these services, you can be seen in the convenience of your own home with the phone or video tele-medicine option.
Call the appointment center at 952-687-8100 and discuss your options with them.

Please remember that most appointments are for 20 minutes. If you have multiple issues or concerns and would like a longer appointment, please mention this fact to the scheduler so you may be scheduled for a 40-minute exam.

Please click on the relevant section below to determine if you will need an in-person interview or whether the phone or video tele-medicine option is also available.

As always, if you have a medical emergency, please call 9-1-1.

You always have the option to attend your regular preferred clinic with your normal payment schedule. There will be no changes to your fund insurance coverage for those visits with the creation of these new no-cost clinics.

Your Medicare insurance (and supplemental gap insurance) is not accepted at your Laborers Health & Wellness Clinics and services do not accrue towards your minimums. Since the services are at no cost to you, you will not need insurance nor co-pays. Medications that are provided as part of an in-clinic visit are supplied at no cost. Vaccinations done at the clinics are available at no cost. Of course, your Medicare coverage will still apply at other clinics you may visit.

Check out our Clinic Care & Services offerings to see the wide range of primary care and specialty care services offered as well as the convenient option of Virtual Clinics (phone or video clinician-patient consultations) for many conditions.

The new clinics in Hugo and Rogers are open and ready to take appointments. The Eagan clinic will open in early November, 2020.

The clinics are open every weekday (hours vary by location and day) and both Rogers and Eagan have Saturday morning hours for your convenience. And, of course, a phone or video consultation is also available for many of the services during these same hours. All clinics are closed on Sunday.

Schedule your appointment by phone for your first visit. All future visits can be conveniently scheduled online but you will need to have a HealthPartners account to schedule the appointment. It’s easy to get. Go to and have your insurance card ready. All you will need is the ID number from your insurance card and you will immediately be issued a HealthPartners account.  

Your first appointment will need to be scheduled through the appointment center (952-687-8100) but all future appointments may be scheduled online.