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Health & Wellness Clinics

No cost healthcare for Minnesota Laborers Health and Welfare Fund members! 

YOUR Clinics

Description of Your Clinics

Your clinics were created specifically for Minnesota Laborers Health and Welfare Fund members. Three locations – Eagan, Hugo, and Rogers – will be fully staffed and operational in the Fall of 2020.

Your clinics are provided at no cost to you and your dependents ages 18 months and older. Everything that is done at the clinic is available to you for FREE!

Your Laborers Health & Wellness Clinics are modern, professional health clinics and they provide many of the basic services as one’s regular clinic with one major difference: all the services provided to you and your dependents within the Laborers Health & Wellness Clinics are at absolutely no cost. Medications that are provided as part of an in-clinic visit are supplied at no cost. Vaccinations done at the clinics are available at no cost.

The clinics are fully staffed by professional clinicians from HealthPartners®. Highly skilled nurse practitioners (NPs) and physician assistants (PAs) will serve you and your family. A board certified medical doctor (MD) will visit each of the clinics on a rotating basis. You can feel confident you’ll receive the same high-quality care for which HealthPartners is well-known.

Your clinics will be able to see you for many of the primary care and specialty care services you would expect from your regular clinic, such as:
  •         Preventative care
  •         Chronic condition management
  •         Most commonly prescribed prescriptions
  •         Lab tests
  •         Cold and flu
  •         Seasonal allergies
  •         Sinus infections
  •         Strep Throat
  •         Ear infections
  •         Minor injuries
  •         Immunizations
As always, if you have a medical emergency,
please call 9-1-1.
You always have the option to attend your regular preferred clinic as you wish with your normal payment schedule.

There will be no changes to your fund insurance coverage for those visits with the creation of these new no-cost clinics.

Medicare insurance (and supplemental gap insurance) is not accepted at Laborers Health and Wellness Clinics and services do not accrue towards your minimums. Since the services are at no cost to you, you will not need insurance or co-pays. Of course, your Medicare coverage will still apply at other clinics you may visit.

Check out the Clinics Care & Services section of this website to see the wide range of primary care and specialty care services offered as well as the convenient option of Virtual Clinic (phone or video clinician-patient consultations) for many conditions.

The clinics are open every weekday (hours vary by location and day) and both Rogers and Eagan have Saturday morning hours for your convenience.  And, of course, a phone or video consultation is also available for many of the services during these same hours.  All clinics are closed on Sunday.

You will need to have a HealthPartners account to make an online appointment.

It’s easy to set up that account. Go to https://www.healthpartners.com/account/create/ and have your Laborers ID card ready. All you will need is the ID number from that card and you will immediately be issued a HealthPartners account.

Your first appointment will need to be scheduled through the appointment center (952-687-8100).
All future appointments may be scheduled online.

Goals of YOUR Clinics

The clinics have been established to ensure that all eligible Laborers Fund members have simple and affordable access to high-quality healthcare. The Trustees of the Fund created these clinics in appreciation of your service, to make your busy life a little less complicated, and with the recognition that – in an increasingly complicated healthcare system – there was a better way to help you get the healthcare services you need:

  • Services that are truly affordable: Free! No cost to you when you visit the Clinics in person or in a virtual consultation. No cost for medications given to you at your clinic visit. No cost for vaccinations administered at the Clinics. Services that help you be proactive about your health: The Clinics are created just for you, so appointment scheduling and access to primary care will be readily available, and focused on your health and wellness.
  • Services in convenient locations: Hugo, Rogers, Eagan, with the option to have virtual visits from the convenience of your own home. Virtual Clinics are available for residents of the State of Minnesota only at the present time.
  • Services committed to your long-term health: Whether working or retired, you’ll work with the same staff members from one visit to the next. You’ll get to know them, and they will know you. This relationship will help you and your dependents achieve your health goals.

Our Partnership with HealthPartners

HealthPartners is one of the most esteemed names in healthcare.

HealthPartners is one of the most esteemed names in healthcare. Their doctors are continually rated among the best and the company has long been an innovator in the field of healthcare. The Laborers Trustees chose to staff your clinics with clinicians from HealthPartners because of the breadth of their services, the high quality of their care, and our shared commitment to the long-term health and wellness of Fund members. Many of you may already visit a HealthPartners clinic as part of your own healthcare routines. You are, of course, free to continue that behavior and will be able to continue visiting the same clinic moving forward. There will be no change to your benefits coverage for your visits to those clinics.

Why We Created The Clinics

The Minnesota Laborers Health and Welfare Fund has long been engaged in helping our members take better care of their health and the health of their dependents.

Ever since the Fund’s inception, we have continually innovated to bring the best possible health coverage to you at the lowest possible price, with eligibility for comprehensive family health coverage after only 330 hours of covered work and a one-month waiting period. This coverage follows you, the member, from job to job and employer to employer through the Fund.

We’re investing in you so that you have the opportunity to prosper and retire well.

The clinics are another step in our commitment to helping you retire as healthy as possible. The Fund has long been engaged in our members’ health and wellness, from the ever-popular Health Fairs, to flu clinics, the “Pick 3, Get 1” Wellness Program, to education on personal health and wellness habits through our partnership with Sand Creek (part of AllOneⓇ Health). Creating convenient clinics is simply the next step in making it easier when you or a family member needs care as well as helping you be more proactive about your own health.

We are all in this together!

We are excited to open these clinics to better serve you and your dependents’ healthcare needs, now and in the future. The first three clinics will be geographically positioned to meet the needs of the Twin Cities metro area: Hugo, Rogers, and Eagan. The convenient option of a Virtual Clinic consultation (via phone or video) for many services is a good choice for those who live farther away from the initial clinics.

Clinic Locations


Both your Clinic and HealthPartners firmly embrace HIPAA and have the highest degree of concern for the privacy of you and your family.